KNIFEBEETLE is a curated webring for longform, narrative-driven webcomics. "Curated" means members must apply or be invited, "longform" means the comics are eked out over months if not years, "narrative-driven" means the stories have a focus on being stories, and "webring" means we list webcomics for you to find, read, and hopefully fall in love with. By joining KNIFEBEETLE, our creators can promote each other and find new readers just by linking back to this hub site.


We don't advertise, publish, or pay anyone to make comics. We are also not a collective, meaning creators aren't expected to collaborate or check in every few months. This is just a curated listing.

How can I join KNIFEBEETLE?

Applications are closed for now! I'll reopen in the future but for now I'm too busy to go through applications.

The criteria to be considered are:
  • Polished, interesting, well-written stories with a narrative focus
  • At least 30 pages of comic must be available to read
  • Regular updates OR completely finished
  • You must be able to link back to KNIFEBEETLE on your comic's site in some way

  • Other bits and bobs:
  • Membership is not exclusive, so you can still join other webrings and collectives
  • Ad revenue on the KNIFEBEETLE site goes towards admin, it isn't split among creators
  • Comics only hosted on sites like Webtoon and Tapas cannot be considered for membership
  • #TransRightsAreHumanRights and #BlackLivesMatter now and forever
  • NFT and AI "artists" automatically disqualified from membership

  • How can I link back to KNIFEBEETLE?

    Feel free to link to KNIFEBEETLE using any of the following banners! You can link to us even if you aren't a member, but you must apply and be accepted in order to be listed. If you have a comic webring and want to affiliate with KNIFEBEETLE, shoot Eve an email. Please reupload the files to your own site instead of hotlinking!

    Where else can I find KNIFEBEETLE?

    Nowhere. Don't follow KNIFEBEETLE, follow the creators who make it up!

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